Get collecting

Help your local school or club get brand new sports and cooking equipment, and experiences by collecting Active Kids vouchers from Sainsbury’s until 2 May. You can then donate them to your chosen school or club until 30 June 2017.

How to get involved

It’s easy to collect vouchers for Active Kids 2017. Simply shop in Sainsbury’s stores or online and you will earn Active Kids vouchers on your shopping.

Ways to collect:

1. Sainsbury’s Local
In Sainsbury’s Local stores you’ll get one voucher for every £5 you spend.

2. Sainsbury’s Supermarkets
Every time you shop at a Sainsbury’s Supermarket you’ll be given one voucher for every £10 you spend at the till.

3. Online
You’ll still receive the equivalent of one voucher for every £10 you spend. But they’ll all be printed on one piece of paper up to the maximum value of 50 vouchers – so make sure you keep it safe.

Find a school or club

Help spread the word with our Digital Toolkit

Want to help drum up support for your local school or club and collect as many Active Kids vouchers as possible?

Our Digital Toolkit for parents offers photos and posts which you can share on your Facebook, Twitter or blog and website.

Download now and help raise awareness among friends and family.