Schools and Groups

Encourage parents and members of your local community to donate their Active Kids vouchers to you. By exchanging them for an exciting range of active and cooking equipment, and experiences we can support kids to eat well, move well and live well.

Get collecting

From 25 January until 2 May 2017

  • Put up posters and banners from 25 January 2017 to show you’re taking part and encourage members of the community to donate their vouchers to you.

  • It’s a good idea to use e-newsletters, emails and social media to drum up support from parents and guardians using our Digital Toolkits. You'll need to sign into download your kits.

  • You'll need to sign into your account to create a wishlist and urge parents, carers and other members of your community to take a look at all the items you’re collecting for.This will help encourage them to donate even more vouchers.

Resources for schools and groups

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