Secondary schools

Active Kids is all about helping children understand the importance of leading healthier lives. That’s why we’ve created a range of resources to educate kids of all ages to eat well, move well and live well.

Fab food for your school

Our Fab Food programme helps your school to waste less food and save money. Teach your kids to value food and look after the environment. We’ve created this handy pack, full of action plans, worksheets and activities to make reducing food waste fun and memorable. Get started on your Fab Food journey.

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Toolkits and Active Packs

Our Cooking and Nutrition Toolkits for secondary schools are designed to assist you give 11-16 year olds the chance to develop their cooking skills. The toolkits also further their understanding of food and help them explore health issues relating to food.

Additionally, within the active packs you’ll find games and ideas for activities that inspire children to get fit, stay healthy and have fun.

So if you’re a teacher, sign in now to download your free toolkits and active packs.

Active Kids for All

Our Inclusive PE Training Programme has already trained over 8,600 teachers and school staff, benefitting more than 200,000 kids with special educational needs and disabilities.
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